Automated emails, faster candidate engagement

Email campaigns to make a great first impression, every time.

Find the perfect balance between automation and personalization. Write and schedule customized email sequences for each role, sent when you want, from who you want with our candidate engagement platform.

Engagement (Product) Reach candidates faster

Email candidates from anyone in your org

Send from a hiring manager or leadership team member to increase candidate engagement, and respond directly from our platform on their behalf.

Engagement (Product) Email from anyone in your org

Keep in touch with your talent pool

Continuously engage with previously sourced candidates through our recruiting CRM. Use filters to segment exactly which candidates you’d like to re-engage & create an email series tailor-made for them.

Engagement (Product) Re-engage candidates through our CRM features

More interviews, less scheduling hassles

Make it easy for candidates to schedule interviews by syncing your calendar and adding built-in scheduling links to your emails. Create different meeting types to fit with your interview process.

Engagement (Product) Easy interview scheduling