Recruiting analytics at your fingertips

Make informed decisions with an easy-to-read, full view of your talent pipeline.

Fetcher compiles and presents the recruiting analytics you need to understand your top-of-funnel: candidate engagement, diversity metrics, and team stats.

Analytics (Product) Straightforward, comprehensive analytics

Full-funnel email stats for better engagement

Become a recruiting email pro. Fetcher provides open, response, and interested rates for all your searches, so you can ensure your outreach and nurture campaigns resonate with candidates.

Analytics (Product) Full funnel analytics

Diversity stats that make an impact

Gender and demographic estimates are provided for every search, allowing you to identify areas of improvement and set diversity hiring benchmarks.

Analytics (Product) Diversity stats for each open role

Empower your team with company performance stats

With Fetcher’s team stats breakdown, recruiting leaders can provide data-driven recommendations to help each team member perform their best.

Analytics (Product) Team performance